Lancer Tactical Bio-Tracer 0.32g BBs (WHITE), 3125 ct

Lancer Tactical Bio-Tracer 0.32g BBs (WHITE), 3125 ct

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brand: Lancer Tactical

material: Biodegradeable Plastic

compatibility: 6mm Tracer Units

weight: 0.32g

count: 3125 rds

color: White BBs/Green Trail



  • Streamline, the newest series of Lancer Tactical BBs, offers a range of airsoft ammunition
    to suit any player and situation.
  • With a polished seamless design that is engineered to feed consistently for any airsoft
    gun that uses 6mm BBs.
  • Heavy airsoft BB weights are ideal for the highest flight stability and longest range,
    typically used in high-powered AEGs and airsoft sniper rifles